Zero Gravity Football, also known as Zero-G Football or 0-G Football, is a space sport that is referenced by Dave Lister multiple times. Lister was a fan of the London Jets, and had even met Jim Bexley Speed.

Lister also has many posters littering his walls in the sleeping quarters aboard Red Dwarf of his favourite players. He has played 0-G Football on the AR machine several times, although it remains unseen.

0-G stands for Zero-Gravity, since the sportsmen play the game without gravity. There is also 0-G Kickboxing. A famous player from the London Jets is Jim Bexley Speed. Speed broke the all-time record for yardage in a single season. He played in the Roof Attack position.

Lister was very happy when a Post pod included a video of two seasons of Zero-G Football. (RD: Better Than Life)

The game has been played since at least the 2170s; the Series X episode "Fathers & Suns" has also shown it to be a popular video game as well, Zero-G Total Football.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the cast commentary for Series I ("Future Echoes"), Craig Charles expressed his desire to have an actual representation of 0-G Football seen in the future of the show.

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