Young Flibble is a comic story published in Red Dwarf Smegazine.

Plot Summary Edit

Part 1 Edit

A large penguin egg is adopted by a woodcutter and his wife on a psi-moon.

Part 2 Edit

"Young Flibble didn't like being treated like a girl and his anger began to wrap the Psi-Moon's fairy tale terrain…"

Part 3 Edit

"After a rather unfortunate incident, the woodcutter family were burying their incredibly rich (and now incredibly dead) granny."

Part 4 Edit

"Once upon a time, the Psi-Moon was a nice, happy place to live. Life was a fairytale and everybody was content. But that was before Flibble hatched…"

Part 5 Edit

"The villagers of the Psi-Moon had put a bounty on Flibble's head – but it looked like it was going to take more than a chocolate bar to defeat him…"

Part 6 Edit

"After the Rocketpants fiasco, The Psi-Moon's villagers have decided to take matters into their own hands…"

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