Yakka-Takka-Tulla was a female "Space Mistress" - something akin to a scoutmaster - in the Space Scouts on Io, c.2164.

Whilst on a survival course in the Ionian wilderness, a group of scouts got lost and elected to cannibalise the 15-year-old Arnold Rimmer. The plotters included the boy whom Arnold considered his best friend, Porky Roebuck, but that was only really because Porky's father was having an affair with Arnold's mother. Porky was in fact the ringleader of the cannibal plot, even going so far as to choose himself the choicest cut (Rimmer's right buttock) for himself.

Arnold was saved by the timely intervention of Yakka Takka Tullla, but the incident taught Rimmer to never trust anybody, and avoid making friendships. (Queeg, Series II)

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