Xpress Lifts Interior

The boys take a ride ("Stasis Leak", Series II)

The Xpress Lifts were a type of elevator transport system employed for long journeys within the interior of the massive Jupiter Mining Corporation spaceship Red Dwarf.


Series IIEdit

Like most of the corridors on the ship, the Xpress Lifts were labelled in both English and Esperanto.

Since there were thousands of decks, such journeys could take a very long time, and so there was in-flight (or in-lift) entertainment similar to an airplane flight, awful elevator music, terrible food (according to the Cat), Lister felt claustrophobic, and an automated hostess who advised the occupants to commit suicide should anything go wrong (even demonstrating how to do so).

The Xpress lifts came with a Black Box for recording a last will and testament, and cyanide pills drop down instead of oxygen masks. ("Stasis Leak", Series II)

Series VIIIEdit

Tank elevtaor floor13 (1)

An elevator going down to the classified prison on Floor 13 (Series VIII)

The lifts have been seen on other occasions and in other series, but only from the exterior. One notable appearance is the elevator seen in "Back in the Red III" (Series VIII) which is seen going down to the secretive Floor 13. This is where a classified prison, The Tank, is located, and the Floor 13 button can only be pressed with the use of a guard's key.

The nanobot-upgraded Red Dwarf of Series VIII also contained a train system in addition to the elevators.



  • Lister: "I hate this stuff. It really freaks me out!"
  • Lift Hostess: "Thank you for travelling Xpress Lifts. Sorry for the delay."
    Cat: "Apologize for the chicken! First meal I've ever had where the container tasted better than the food!"


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