Daylight charge

A daylight charge on Waxworld

Waxworld was an ancient colossal waxdroid theme park built on an S3 Planet and once visited by the Boys from the Dwarf. ("Meltdown")


The theme park may have covered the entire planet. It was certainly large enough to include three vast separate areas:

  • Villainworld - populated by waxdroids of history's villains
  • Heroworld - home to copies of great heroes
  • Prehistoric World - filled with unconvincing dinosaurs.

There was also a fictional section in each of these, which housed the famous fictional characters, most notably Santa Claus, and presumably Winnie the Pooh. The landscape resembled rural England, with a few buildings appropriate to the setting. The three areas were within a short distance of each other and included paths that were easy to follow, possibly for tourists. During the war between the heroes and villains, at least one side laid a minefield between their territories.


After being abandoned for millions of years, the waxdroids were still active and had learned to break their limited programming. The heroes and villains immediately went to war with each other.

When the Red Dwarf crew arrived via matter paddle, they became embroiled in the conflict. Rimmer led the heroes against the villains in a suicidal attack, wiping out all the residents of Waxworld. He still considered it a victory for peace and freedom. Lister disagreed, and promptly swallowed Rimmer's Light Bee.