Venus-real color

The planet Venus

Venus was the second planet from the sun, or Sol, the star in Earth's Solar System.

By the mid-to-late 22nd century, this non-S3 planet had a significant Space Corps presence, along with some artificial satellite moons. Things and people from Venus and its moons were referred to as "Venusian".

Behind the scenesEdit

  • When a young Arnold Rimmer divorced his parents on Io, he was allowed weekly access to the family dog, but the dog kept running away from him. One time it got to Venus with its pet passport before they caught it. The story was related by Rimmer's mother to Talkie Toaster in an interview on the official Red Dwarf website.
  • In another interview with Admiral Bongo, the admiral tells Talkie Toaster that there is a tribe of space nomads on "one of the Venusian moons" that worship Ace Rimmer as a god. Since the real Venus has no moons, the Venusian moons were presumably artificial planetoids.
  • In another interview, reporter Blaize Falconburger relates a story to Talkie Toaster about how she once visited the most famous rock star in the Solar System, who was living in a rat-infested flat on one of the Venusian moons. When she jacked into his Artificial Reality Suite, she found he had lost himself in a vast, virtual mansion, which was glitchy and had the furniture on the ceiling, and the fireplace was squirting water.

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