Up, Up, And Away was the Space Corps/JMC in-flight magazine found on their transport craft.


When Starbug was about to collide with Ace Rimmer's ship Wildfire, Kryten ordered the crew to adopt the crash procedure. According to Lister this involved tucking the head between the legs, bracing yourself and then opening the magazine Up, Up, And Away.

Rimmer was convinced that Lister was joking, but Lister insisted that the magazine's articles were so dull that they acted as a sedative, relaxing the body to prevent serious injury. As they read the articles out loud, the Dwarfers visibly relaxed. The Cat tried to fight the boredom, but Lister told The Cat to let it take him. The articles were a partial success, allowing Lister to survive the crash without harm. The Cat fared a lot worse, suffering a severe fracture of his right tibia.

The magazine later proved useful as an anaesthetic when The Cat's broken leg needed to be realigned. He started to read it and cried out in agony when Kryten snapped the bone back into line. When asked how much it hurt, The Cat said he was talking about the article and enquired if his leg had been fixed yet.

Articles included:

  • Salt: An epicure's delight
  • Classic wines of Estonia
  • Flemish weaving the traditional way

On the back cover there was an advertisement for a brand of cigarettes. (RD: Dimension Jump)


Up, Up, And Away was the magazine aboard the shuttle that took Lister to Red Dwarf from Mimas. It was kept in the netting on the back of the seat in front of him and seemed even less interesting than the card showing the crash procedures. Lister wondered how it was possible to fill 120 pages with nothing remotely readable.

The articles in this version of the magazine were almost identical to the television version, except the weaving article was less specific. It did not mention the weaving being Flemish. (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers)

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