A salute by Captain Tom Kadri of the SS Samsara

Tom Kadri was the late Captain of the Mega Core research spaceship, the fateful SS Samsara.


Captain KadriEdit

Kadri believed strongly in the stringent moral code of behaviour his crew had signed up to. When he introduced a recent posting to his vessel, the computer scientist Professor Rachel Barker, to his mission director Colonel Jim Green, Kadri had no idea that Green and Barker were not only already familiar with each other, but had also been having an extramarital affair.

Central ops soon sent down a report to Kadri, explaining about the affair and that the onboard Karma Drive had been punishing Green and Barker accordingly for their infidelity and lies to their spouses. Kadri also brought the pair into his office for a severe reprimand, to which he got sarcastic responses to.

Green and Barker's affair continued, with them experiencing more and more unpleasant occurrences and instances of bad luck due to the Karma Field. When she could take it no more, Barker reprogrammed the Karma Drive to switch itself - punish good behaviour and reward bad behaviour. Green and Barker then took the only escape pod of the SS Samsara so that they could have some time alone.

Green and Barker unwittingly left the SS Samsara a virtual warzone, with people having crazed orgies and murdering each other just to survive. As Captain Kadri gave a voice dictation to his computer, one of his crew crept up behind him and strangled him to death, resulting in a long wall of gibberish text on his computer as he struggled to speak. Another crewman then promptly stabbed whoever had strangled Kadri.

Three million years laterEdit


The boys from the Dwarf find Captain Kadri's skeleton, still at his station

Three million years later, the boys from the Dwarf would explore the underwater wreck of the SS Samsara, where they tried to piece together whatever had occurred aboard the ship. They found Captain Kadri's skeletal remains, among many others. Puzzled at the writing on Kadri's computer, they wondered whether it was GELF writing, or maybe Welsh after fifteen pints of Leopard Lager. Kryten demonstrated how Kadri's monitor ended up the way it was, by choking Lister and getting him to try to speak. (Samsara, Series XI)

Behind the scenesEdit

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