The Institution


This story is about a institution for young children set in America . It is where they go instead of prison. Create whatever character you want and make anything you want, happen to them, this game dosn't have to take place in the school. In this game you can be a pupil, teacher. I have deliberately not put much background information as I want the to be made up as we go along. This game did start a while ago but it has lacked posts recently so it can be a completely new story line.
Good luck!

  • You can't kill other peoples characters unless you have permission from the characters owner
    *If you want to join but you don't know whats happening, then just make an OCC post and I will tell you
    *I will give out some awards for random different things

If you have any suggestions to make the game better just say at the bottom of a post and if it's good I will!




Katarzynna Markovic

Zelda Melly

Milo Nelvis

Katrina Forest

Genevieve Ross

Noele Chelvere

Scott Smith

Firah Rain Darksky

Adrian Moretti

Lilian Davies

Danny Moretti

Kamron Resse Cordeli


Nicholas Ryan

Maralda Picket

Teachers & Staff

Vladik Zivonavich

Morgana-Constantine Montgomery

Admiral William Johannes Ross

Mr. Felix Julius

Lisa Herbert

Ms Emilia Greenwich


Haru Denerum

Nathan Goldbrine

Shadow Dust

Lila Boneshatterer

Deceased Characters

Bonnie Jenkins (Deceased)

Aaron Royce(Deceased)

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