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The Dog
Race Canis sapiens
Place of Origin Alternate Red Dwarf
Appearances RD: Parallel Universe
Ace Rimmer Space Adventurer
Alter Egos The Cat
Family Presumably species changed versions of The Cat
Actor Matthew Devitt
"Well, trash mah shorts!."
-The Dog (RD: Parallel Universe)

The Dog is an alternate version of The Cat, from the female-orientated parallel universe.

Biography Edit

Presumably, the Dog is a descendant of a dog that Deb Lister brought onto her Red Dwarf, prior to the Cadmium II incident. Following the appearance of another Red Dwarf, the Dog encountered his counterpart, the Cat, which he believed to be a "funny-looking dog." The Dog was excited to meet the Cat and wanted to smell his behind, much to the Cat's horror. The two shared some time in the ship's disco. The Dog enjoyed himself, completely oblivious to The Cat's distaste for him.


The Dog is dim-witted, excitable, and has terrible hygiene. He seems to suffer from separation anxiety as he panics when the others have left him by himself. The very mention of the word "bath" which upsets him to the point of asking for the word to be spelt out. He has several dog-like tendencies: when he first meets the Cat, he offers to let him smell his "behind", and he is infested with fleas. He has what sounds like an American "redneck" accent. He enjoys dancing, which for him consists of just stamping up and down and howling.


  • "I'm gonna smell your behind, and then you can smell mine! Now is that a Deal?" (RD: Parallel Universe)


In a parallel universe, Deb Lister's (Lister's female double) pet is not a cat, but a dog. It is unknown whether Debbie's dog was also named Frankenstein. ("Parallel Universe") The "Space Corps Database" on the official website calls her Dracula.

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