"Make love to us." "Make love to all of us."
-Temptresses (RD: Psirens)

The Temptresses were illusions created by the Psirens.


Shortly after the Starbug crew entered an asteroid field, they became aware of the Psirens powers of illusion. Starbug soon received a distress call from 2 female colonists.

They were very attractive and scantily dressed young women. One was a blonde and the other brunette. They explained that their colony was in dire need, since all the men had died. There were only women left - 3000 of them. They desperately needed men to "spread their seed" amongst the women.

The Cat was very keen to assist the women by spreading his seed and told his shipmates to carry on without him while he visited the colony. Fortunately, his crewmates were less susceptible to the obviousness of this illusion and were able to stop him. The Cat found this hard to believe, especially since he found the brunette very convincing. Kryten theorised that this transparent lure was merely as sophisticated as was necessary to fool The Cat. (RD: Psirens)

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