"Perhaps I didn't make myself clear..."

This T-72 was a tank used in a World War II AR game.

When Kryten was upset about the Starbug crew spending time in Pride and Prejudice Land instead of eating the anniversary dinner he had prepared, he entered the program and began picking of the Bennett sisters.

After he missed Mary Bennett, he decided a less subtle approach was necessary. He hacked into a World War II game and borrowed a T-72 tank, which he imported into Pride and Prejudice Land.

The T-72 was a large Russian battle tank. Kryten drove the tank through the lake and pulled up at Mr. Bingley's gazebo. He announced that supper was ready and then fired the tank's main gun, obliterating the gazebo and the Bennett family. (RD: Beyond a Joke)

Behind the scenesEdit

The tank used in the show was actually a T-55, an earlier model than the T-72. It was the exact same tank that James Bond drove around St. Petersburg in Goldeneye.

The T-72 didn't enter service until 1970, making its involvement in a World War II game anachronistic.

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