"I don't know that stuff, I just make noses."
-Swallow (Back to Earth, Part Two)

Swallow is a human character that only appears in the "Back to Earth" mini-series.


Swallow only appears during the Despair Squid-induced group hallucination of the boys from the Dwarf whilst they were in the Water Tank of Red Dwarf.

In their hallucination, Swallow is as a prop maker for the television show Red Dwarf, although he only makes noses. He is specifically mentioned as working on the fictional Series IX (which was later retconned to be Back to Earth itself with the release of Series X), which after it's completion he stole many of the props so he could sell them on eBay

Swallow is later tracked down by Rimmer, Lister, Cat, and Kryten at his place of work, a prop making company called Nose World. Swallow seems to have taken a liking to a costume that makes him look like a Rogue Simulant, and also wears one of the Cat's costume coats to keep him warm while he is working. Swallow eventually gives them the address of Craig Charles (who, among with other cast members, he goes to fan conventions with), who leads them to find their Creator. He also allows them to borrow Carbug, a car he stole from the Red Dwarf Fan Club president.

Since it later said that everyone they imagined are continuing in a parallel dimension, Swallow still exists on the alternate Earth, perhaps actually our own. (Back to Earth)


Swallow: I get from Red Dwarf Costume Department, end of Series IX. I steal many things, sell on eBay. I even steal car from Red Dwarf Fan Club president!

Swallow: Why are you here? Illogical! You should be inside T.V!


  • Swallow was portrayed by Hong Kong-British actor Richard Ng a.k.a. Richard Woo.
  • Swallow is styled after the Blade Runner character Hannibal Chew. Much of Back to Earth references Blade Runner.

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