In the Red Dwarf universe, Superhero Costumes were used for a variety of reasons.

Dave Lister apparently possessed a Spider-man costume for the purpose of making his sex life slightly more exciting. He offered to put it on for Camille while they "recreated" the human race (RD: Camille).

When he thought that Kochanski was trying to restart their relationship, he offered to put on a Batman outfit for their first sexual encounter (RD: Epideme).

Mr. Ackerman also owned a Batman costume and used it in his affair with another officer's wife. On one occasion, he didn't allow enough time to change out of the costume, which resulted in his being late for work. Lister suggested that he should play Tarzan next time, as the costume change would be much quicker (RD: Pete I).

In one issue of the Smegazine, Ace Rimmer found himself in a dimension where the Dwarfers were superheroes and all wore distinctive costumes.

Behind the scenesEdit

In commemoration of Red Dwarf's 50th episode, the Radio Times ran an article depicting the main characters as superheroes.

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