The Suitcase was an artificially intelligent piece of luggage that The Cat met in the lobby of Ganymede Holiday Inn.

Lost ownerEdit

While Lister talked to the receptionist at the hotel, The Cat was approached by a suitcase that glided along the floor. It talked to The Cat, who had to look around to see where the voice was coming from.

The suitcase was a dull grey colour and was able to move and speak under its own power. It asked The Cat if he had seen a man of about 5 foot 10 inches with mousey hair who had lost his luggage. When The Cat replied that he had not seen the man, the suitcase complained that his owner had probably been sent to the wrong airport. He then glided away to look elsewhere.

Behind the scenesEdit

The suitcase was a last minute addition to the episode. While on location in Rhyl, Rob Grant and Doug Naylor asked the special effects department if they could create a remote controlled suitcase. They went into town and purchased a suitcase and a remote controlled car, which they assembled hastily. It was then ready for the next day's filming in the Midland hotel.

The voice of the suitcase was provided by the "Fifth Dwarfer", Tony Hawks.

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