Wikia Red Dwarf - Sugar Puffs sandwich

Sugar Puff Sandwiches were one of Lister's favourite snacks.

The sandwiches were made with white bread and Sugar Puffs, a popular British breakfast cereal.


When Lister questioned what The Inquisitor would consider a worthwhile use of a life, Rimmer explained that reading "What Bike" and eating Sugar Puff sandwiches for 8 hours every day was unlikely to qualify. (RD: The Inquisitor)

Rimmer later demanded to know why Kryten only used Space Corps Directives against him instead of Lister, asking why there were no directives forbidding the spraying of Sugar Puff sandwich contents over a superior officer's bunk. (RD: Quarantine)

When Legion made up a cell for Lister designed to match its occupant's needs exactly, Lister noted that there was a platter of Sugar Puff sandwiches on the table. (RD: Legion)

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