Space Rover

Space Rover is a Canadian science fiction comedy drama written and edited by Graham and Hamish Wilson, and directed by Malcolm Wilson. Set in the year 2142, the series features Captain James (Hamish Wilson), a disgraced shipping captain for the Space Commonwealth, and his two electrical companions: Peter Gans Lee (Malcolm Wilson), the singularly named android, and the rouge hologram worker merely known as Hologram (Graham Wilson), all travelling aboard the titular Rover. The pilot episode for the series, as an audio drama, was released to the public on May 31, 2013, and further episodes are being produced and released of a planned six episode series entitled "A Man and His Machines".

The premise revolves around the adventures of the three, from encounters with spacial phenomena to just plain making a living in a corrupt and cynical future; a longer term continuing plot thread is to play out as the series progresses. It is the first Internet series commissioned by Malcolm Wilson Multimedia, though others are planned. It is released under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 and Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 licenses and is available from the Internet Archive, YouTube, FictionPress, and the MWM website on

Relationship to Red Dwarf Edit

Red Dwarf is the series' primary inspiration, with pre-production beginning after inspiration from The Starbuggers' making-of documentary for Series VI.

Here are points similar or inspired by Red Dwarf:

  • The make-up of the central cast: a human, android and hologram - mirroring Lister, Kryten and Rimmer. There is no equivalent to The Cat however, and no mainframe computer character ala Holly. In addition, the human character is the most military styled, and not the hologram as with Rimmer, who is more working class like Lister and more mischievous. The relationship between the two, however, does share certain similarities to that between Lister and Rimmer. The android character shares Kryten and Holly's role as expository character.
  • The premise of a crew living together on a cramp shuttle-style ship is inspired by Starbug in Series VI.
  • The Space Corps is mirrored by the Space Commonwealth, which also engages in asteroid mining and space exploration operations, though no analogue to the Jupiter Mining Corporation has been referred to.
  • The political outlook of the universe is principally inspired by Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, with various nations owning terraformed domed colonies on various planets and satellites.
  • Alike to Grant/Naylor, the series is not to feature any extraterrestrial lifeforms, and is to focus on the space-faring working class.
  • Hard-light and soft-light holograms are embodied in the series by "power-save" and "interface" modes that rearrange particle arrangements.

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