Stoke Me a Clipper

Ace and Snappy - What a team!

Snappy was Captain Voorhese's pet crocodile.


Snappy was a large, aggressive crocodile kept as a pet and bodyguard by Captain Voorhese. The german officer stroked him in a sinister fashion while he escaped with Ace Rimmer a prisoner aboard his plane. When Ace escaped his bonds and attacked Voorhese and his colleagues, Voorhese threw Snappy at Ace.

Ace found himself in a life or death struggle with the viscious reptile. At first, Ace wished for a gun, until Snappy belched in his face, at which point he changed his mind and decided a bucket of Listerine would be more helpful. When Voorhese dropped a bundle of dynamite and bailed out of the aircraft, he expected Ace had died in the explosion. Instead, he looked up in horror to see that Ace had tied a lead around Snappy's neck and was riding him like a surfboard.

Voorhese took a few potshots at Ace, but couldn't stop Snappy from attacking his owner as they fell through the air. Ace then stole the captain's parachute and left Snappy to eat him. Ace floated down to the airfield below and rescued Princess Bonjella

After they had escaped from the airfield, one german soldier ranted at their misfortune to lose Ace while his comrade explained they were lucky to survive the encounter. The two guards were then flattened by Snappy, who fell on them from a great height. ("Stoke Me a Clipper")

Behind the scenes

"Snappy" was a life-sized, rubber crocodile model. His relationship with Voorhese was reminiscent of that between Ernst Stavro Blofeld and his pet cat. 

In the credits for the episode, Snappy was credited as "Voorhese's Crocodile". The actor's name was given as Alison, but whether this was the name of the rubber model or an injoke is not clear.