Warden Ackerman with Simmons' false teeth

Simmons was a prisoner in The Tank aboard Red Dwarf who wore false teeth. He was a middle-aged, dark-haired Caucasian male who spoke with a lisp, at least without his teeth.

When Warden Ackerman's glass eye was stolen, Ackerman assembled the prisoners and demanded to know who had stolen it. Turning the lights off and putting a bucket down, Ackerman heard something drop into it, then turned the lights back on to find that instead of his fake eye, it was a pair of false teeth. Kill Crazy had stolen Simmons' false teeth and put them into the bucket. Simmons pleaded his innocence with Ackerman as Kill Crazy looked on, sniggering.

As ratted out by Rimmer, the real glass eye thief was Saddo. (Krytie TV deleted scenes)

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Simmons was portrayed by an uncredited actor, and his appearance was cut out of the broadcast episode, meaning that television viewers initially didn't know where the false teeth came from in the scene. However Simmons' appearance is available for viewing in the deleted scenes section on the Series VIII DVD.

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