Sammy the Squib was a player-character from an artificial reality game Film Noir role playing game, "Gumshoe".


When Lister was playing Gumshoe as private detective Philip, Kryten was unable to talk to him without also entering the game. He chose a character at random, picking Sammy the Squib, a crackshot hitman armed with a Tommy Gun. Kryten saw the entire game as a frivolous waste of time.

Sammy was very well dressed in a dark suit, hat and beige overcoat. He wore a flower in his buttonhole and had a small moustache. When Loretta saw Sammy, she immediately assumed that he was there to kill her. She began pleading with him, even offering Lister's life in exchange and suggesting that she would happily renew her past relationship with Sammy.

Behind the scenesEdit

Robert Llewellyn noticed that when he was dressed up as Sammy, he looked remarkably like his own father.

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