Sam Murray was a Deck Sergeant aboard Red Dwarf.


Murray was killed in the Cadmium II leak that wiped out all of his shipmates except one, but his personality had been stored for possible revival as a hologram.

When Arnold Rimmer was trying to join the crew of Enlightenment, his colleagues aboard Red Dwarf held interviews for the soon to be vacant position of ship's hologram. Murray was one of the candidates, and was interviewed after Miss Harrison had already declined to become a Dwarfer.

As Murray materialised in the sleeping quarters, Rimmer ran into the room to speak to Kryten. When he saw Murray, he realised that he was being replaced. Murray could only smile awkwardly. ("Holoship", Series V)

Deleted scene

  • In a scene deleted from the final cut of the pilot episode, shortly after the radiation leak, Dave Lister placed all the crew's remains into canisters and ejected them into space. He gave a short eulogy for each person as they were jettisoned. He placed Sam Murray's ashes in the same canister as Rick Thesen, another Deck Sergeant. The two crewmates had been in a relationship, with Lister saying that the whole crew had known how much they loved each other. He explained that this way, they could be together forever. Rimmer told him that the couple had split up, but Lister said that they were back together now. (RD: The End - Deleted Scene)


  • The Red Dwarf game Geek Chase contains a Jupiter Mining Corporation website, which reveals that Murray was a TV soap opera fan, as well as a practical joker. This took form through posts made on soap opera message boards which were designed to be viewable only from 3 AM to 8 AM UK time. One such message exists on the game's Androids website, which reads: (To be added later).