The SS Augustus was an unseen Space Corps spaceship mentioned numerous times by the mechanoid Kryten as one of the spaceships he had served aboard in the past, possibly the first.

In the episode "Ouroboros", Dave Lister recalls that the crew of the SS Augustus all died of old age, suggesting it was likely to have been on a long-term voyage.

Afterwards, Kryten was then found and reposted to to the Nova 5, but it is unknown how long he was alone for on the SS Augustus. The Nova 5 would prove to be Kryten's final official posting. After the Nova 5 later crashed, Kryten was alone again on the Nova 5 for three million years before being picked up by the Boys from the Dwarf (as seen in "Kryten").

Being left alone aboard the SS Augustus and the Nova 5 are the cause of why Kryten's sanity chip was worn down and also why he was so paranoid about being left alone, fears which were amplified when Lister's old girlfriend Kristine Kochanski joined the crew of Starbug, as seen especially throughout Series VII.

Kryten again mentioned the SS Augustus during "Duct Soup" when the crew roamed around the Starbug vents. He spoke of it along with the Nova 5 as ships where the crew "abandoned" him.

It is unknown what Kryten's original posting was, but the SS Augustus was possibly Kryten's first, since no other earlier postings have been mentioned. Therefore the SS Augustus was possibly the ship Kryten mentioned that he left the Solar System in (as mentioned in "Holoship" and others.)

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