Rimmer Musketeer

"Have at thee, Bitterness! Die like the lonely dog you are, Self-Doubt."

The Rimmer Musketeers were manifestations of Arnold Rimmer's good personality traits, created by the Psi-Moon as a result of his crewmates trying to make Rimmer feel good about himself.

When first encountered on the Psi-Moon, they were buried in graves, the gravestones marked:

  • Self Respect - Age 24,
  • Generosity - Age 9,
  • Self Confidence - Age 22,
  • Honour - Age 12,
  • Charm - At a young age.
  • An empty but freshly-dug grave marked "Hope".

Rimmer is captured by his own insecurities, and taken to be prepared by the handmaidens of the Unspeakable One, and manifestation of his own self-hatred. However, Rimmer is broken out by his crewmates, who then lie to him, telling that deep down, he's a good guy, and they all like him. This works, temporarily increasing Rimmer's confidence, breaking the power of the Unspeakable One and allowing Starbug to escape the Psi-Moon.

As this happens, the Rimmer Musketeers arise from their graves with rapiers, and begin slaying the Hooded Hordes. (Terrorform)


  • On the Series V DVD commentary, Chris Barrie says he had enormous fun with this part, despite the cold and wet of the shooting location. Barrie was upset that most of the scene was trimmed down for broadcast, since he had taken a crash course of fencing lessons especially for the part, to make the Rimmer Musketeers more accurate sword fighters. However, the extended scene can be seen in the deleted scenes for the episode on the DVD.

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