The Hooded Hoards, Rimmer's inner demons made real on the Psi-Moon.

The Rimmer Demons, also called the Hooded Hoards by their master the Unspeakable One, were Arnold Rimmer's insecurities, neuroses, self-loathing and feelings of failure that were manifested into reality by the Psi-Moon.

They appeared as diminutive, dark-cloaked, Jawa-like creatures, with glowing red eyes. Only four were seen in the episode. They stalked Rimmer and then captured him, who had a physical body on the Psi-Moon and was no longer a hologram, taking him to be prepared by the handmaidens for the Unspeakable One.

As Rimmer was made to feel better about himself (due to his crewmates breaking him out and lying about how they liked him), the power of the Unspeakable One was broken, allowing Starbug to escape the quicksand it was caught up in. Back on the Psi-Moon, the Rimmer Musketeers rose from their graves and slew the Hooded Hoards, reflecting Rimmer's increased confidence. Once Starbug was clear of the Psi-Moon, however, the Dwarfers told Rimmer what they really thought of him. (Terrorform)

What became of the Psi-Moon and it's inhabitants is unknown after this.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Whereas the Unspeakable One was a manifestation of Rimmer's self-loathing, the Hooded Hoards represented bitterness, self-doubt, mistrust and loneliness. They are named so by the Rimmer Musketeers as the Hoards are slain by them.
  • The Hooded Hoards had Rimmer's face underneath their hoods, albeit ghastly pale and with bloodshot eyes. This was not seen in the broadcast episode, but can be seen in the deleted scenes on the Series V DVD, when they are slain by the Rimmer Musketeers.
  • The Rimmer Demons poking their heads over a wooded ridge one-by-one features in the opening titles for all Series V episodes.

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