Gangster rats


Rats (rattus sapiens) are the descendants of the ship's evolved lab rats. .

Description EditEdit

Rats are generally sneaky, sly, and tough, preferring slicked hair and an outfit as sharp as a mohel's scalpel.  They tend to be obsessive about their hygiene, often preening for hours at a time. Mostly solitary but occasionally organized into small gangs, rats tend to be adept Ops., craft, and demolitions and other less scrupulous skills.

Additional Facts EditEdit

Senses                                                                                                                                                            Rats tend to be adept Ops., craft, and demolitions and other less scrupulous skills.

Speech                                                                                                                                                    Though the Rats have their own language of chatter that is common to them, they have also learned to speak English.  In fact they have also learned many of the bad social habits found in a pub or the streets.

Society                                                                                                                                                               Less social and gregarious than their mice cousins, rats are loosely organized and tend to avoid group settings.  Rats are attracted to shiny objects and sweets, and aren't happy unless they have their own "nest" - some private place with comfortable bedding and plenty of hidey-holes for their stash. They are very meticulous about grooming and are very fashion conscious and prefer Zoot Suits.


Rats have no real religious background since they are greedy and materialistic creatures.

History EditEdit

Rats are the descendants of the ship's evolved lab rats, evolving into rattus sapiens and have set up shops all along the Blue Dwarf's Promenade.  The shops offer a variety of services such as dinning, pubs, game centers, clothing repair, trinket repair and resale shops.  The rats didn't keep very good history on their race since survival was their first concern until they were able to get a strong hold on the ships trade center.  Once the rats were established they had a strong period of growth before the crew began to awaken.

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