Rastabilly Skank was a music group formed on Earth sometime in the 21st or 22nd century. It is said to be Dave Lister's favourite band, introduced in Series I and mentioned throughout the run of the show. Lister sings it on his guitar in "Balance of Power".

Much like his guitar, and Arnold Rimmer's Hammond Organ music, the rest of the Boys from the Dwarf hate Rastabilly Skank (although Rimmer gained a short-lived appreciation of the band after Lister tampered with his memories in "Thanks for the Memory"). Rastabilly Skank's albums have, according to Arnold, a government health warning which mentions that it makes those who listen to it "irritable and irrational and has been linked to disorders of the nervous system and bowels." However, Ace Rimmer was familiar with their songs (likely through his friendship with Spanners), certainly enough to sing along with Lister while they fix the starboard engine of Starbug in the Series IV episode "Dimension Jump".

Behind the scenesEdit

The isolated Rastabilly Skank music cue created by Howard Goodall is available on the Series I DVD, which appears to be a fusion of slow blues rock, easy listening and reggae.

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