"That's Ricepudding, the most hated, loathed and despised man of his era." - Abraham Lincoln (Waxdroid) ("Meltdown")



Rasputin, as well as the other Waxdroids, was originally designed to entertain the visitors in a colossal waxdroid theme park on the planet Waxworld. He was made to appear as a duplicate of the infamous Russian mystic and Imperial adviser. However, when they were able to break their limited programming and act like real people, the Wax War between the Heroes and Villains begins. Rasputin became a member of the villains who were under the control of Adolf Hitler (Waxdroid).

When Lister and the Cat travelled to Waxworld via the Matter Paddle, they mistakenly ended up in the war room where Hitler, Hermann Goring and Joseph Goebbels were planning another action against the Heroes. They captured the duo and threw them into the prison.

Later, Caligula and his assistant Rasputin were sent to interrogate Lister and the Cat. Lister knew who Caligula was, but didn't recognise his colleague. Fellow prisoner Abraham Lincoln explained that Rasputin had been one of the most hated men of his era. Caligula then promised to torture the prisoners for information, ordering Rasputin to bring in soapy frogs, a skin diving suit with the bottom cut out and a wildebeest.

Lister gave in and used the Matter Paddle to send Caligula and Rasputin into a nearby wardrobe. The prisoners then managed to escape.

Rasputin's exact fate was unknown, but he died either when Queen Victoria blasted away at them from behind or when Kryten melted the rest of the villainous waxdroids with the thermostat. ("Meltdown")

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