Rabbits (lapis sapiens) is an evolved race, descended from rabbits


Rabbits look human except for the buck teeth and pointed ears.  Male Rabbits are usually dressed in dark fascist military uniforms and the female Rabbits tend to wear tight dominatrix uniforms since they are better at interrogation.

Additional FactsEdit


Rabbits have very sharp senses and can quickly dodge when danger is nearby. 


Though the Rabbits have their own language of chatter that is common to them, they have also learned to speak English.  In fact they have also learned many of the bad social habits found in Bugs Bunny cartoons.


Rabbits come from a universe where lapis sapiens is the dominate lifeform.  Rabbits tend toward a no-nonsense efficiency, almost suggestive of a certian mid-20th century fascist regime. They enjoy quality, luxury organization and a good salt lick.  The medical and cosmetic technology is quite advanced due to the common use of laboratory human test subjects. Rabbits breed savage humans for a variety of testing. They are experts in seduction and reproduction.


Rabbits' religion revolves around the interpretation of ancient animal rights propaganda material and Bugs Bunny cartoons, the basis for their "Keep Humans Down" societal ethic.


In the prime universe, a variant timeline,  rabbits or lapis sapiens, broke free on the "Oregon" and all hell broke loose. Over time they evolved into a mighty warrior race who enjoy subjugating humans and lesser species.  Rabbits come from a universe where lapis sapiens is the dominate life form.  They have evolved from a docile small herbivorous lagomorphs to humanoids with opposable thumbs and a thirst for dominance.

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