Timewave is the third episode in Series XII of Red Dwarf, broadcast on Dave on 26 October 2017.

It is also the seventieth Red Dwarf episode overall.


A ship from the 23rd century is washed up from the past and the Dwarfers run into a crew where criticism is illegal.


After the crew discover, name and take soil samples from a "Helium-7"-rich moon (Planet Rimmer), Starbug is hit by a time wave, bringing them into contact with a twenty-fourth century ship, the S.S. Enconium. However, there are two problems; the ship is set on a collision course with Planet Rimmer and, upon the ship, all forms of criticism are punishable by life imprisonment or "draining".

Main cast


Rimmer's Inner Critic has a resemblance to the James Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Rimmer's Inner Critic is similar in concept to the Unspeakable One- the manifestation of Rimmer's self-loathing- from "Terrorform", save that the Inner Critic is fundamentally 'meant' to help Rimmer where the Unspeakable One simply reflected Rimmer's loathing of his own incompetence.

In this way he is also very similar to Paranoia from "Confidence and Paranoia".


The episode received a mixed to negative reception.


The radiation leak that wiped out the crew of Red Dwarf was mentioned multiple times in this episode. ("The End")

When Rimmer was quoting a Space Corps Directive, he told Kryten to shut up, because he knew that he would correct him otherwise. Rimmer quoting a Space Corps Directive that was utterly irrelevant to the situation, then Kryten corrects him was a running gag in Series VI this was sometime after he read the Space Corps Directive Manual in "Quarantine".

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