Samsara is the second episode in Series XI of Red Dwarf, first broadcast on Dave on September 29, 2016.

"Samsara" is the sixty-third Red Dwarf episode overall.


When the Dwarfers investigate a crashed ship at the bottom of an ocean moon, Lister (Craig Charles) and the Cat (Danny John-Jules) become trapped together, and Lister's nightmare begins. Meantime, Rimmer (Chris Barrie) and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) discover the ship is controlled by a dark force. [1]


The Episode starts with a escape pod being jettisoned from the ship SS Samsara and then the ship sinks into the bottom of a ocean moon. Then 3 million years later, Red dwarf comes across the moon and Rimmer and Lister are playing Minepoly (their version of Monopoly) with stakes. If Rimmer loses for the first time (as he explains about his unbeaten run and his nickname, 'minotaur' - the creature you can never pass), then he can't complain. If Lister loses, he has to wear a evening gown until he can play James Last polka songs on the bagpipes. But Lister cheats and Rimmer loses as he rolls 7 2 and 1 on the dice which is 62million/1 odds which is the same odds as being killed by a tangerine. Kryten and the cat find the pod and get a signal from Rachel but before she could warn them about the karma drive, the pod is vaporised. When they get to the cantine on the ship, Lister and the cat are trapped after the cat won the jackpot on a one armed bandit machine, Lister gets trapped on the food dispenser machine, the cat gets a knife in his foot and the power goes out. The cat changes history as he tells Lister about Arkmedis getting hit by a bath from a tree, shouts formica and invents gravy. Also the cat tell Lister that he got a special hat to cover the bruising. Lister tells that the cat that he is wrong that was Newton who was behing a tree, he discovered Gravity when an apple fell and actually gave him a knighthood (not that special hat). Kryten and Rimmer while trying to save Lister and the cat, discover the Karma drive which is based on the Justice field however with one difference, a pushiment setting (for being bad) and a reward setting (for being good). At first, they think they need to be nice to one another to get out this problem but Kryten worked out that Barker reversed the protocol as Barker and Green were having an affair, as mention with the flashbacks from before all the events happened and wanted to spend time together. The episode finishes with the cat finding that Lister cheated at Minepoly when he has Minepoly in his pocket and he runs away and Rimmer gives his the look of resent.

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  • The skeleton sex orgy is reminiscent of the "lost episode" of Series VIII entitled "Phwoaarr".

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  • Lister: Well you can see in the dark, right? With your super-seey cat's eyes, right?!
    Cat: And you can swing from trees, right? With your super-swinging monkey arms, right?!
    Lister: We evolved!
    Cat: So did we!
    Lister: Who'd evolve so they can't see in the dark?!
    Cat: Who'd evolve so they can't swing from trees?! You'd never be late for anything!


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