The Red Dwarf Children in Need special was a short episode broadcast for Children in Need on 13 November 1998.


Holly is distracted by some three million year old broadcasts from Earth. The broadcasts are of an episode of Children in Need. Lister works out that it is a telethon, with Kryten explaining who the hosts of the show from his corrupted movie database.

Kochanski says that the crew should do more for charity. Kryten says that they could send a message back in time using Blue Midget's time drive. Rimmer sends back a message telling the human race that in three million years their species will be extinct. Kochanski adds that they should donate money to charity by dialling the number on their television screens.

Rimmer then says that he is going to do his own bit for charity. When Lister questions him, Rimmer replies that he is going to destroy Lister's guitar.

Main castEdit


  • The placement of this episode likely takes place after RD: Only the Good..., as Rimmer is a hologram, Kochanski is with the crew, and Holly is in working order.

Noteworthy DialogueEdit

  • Lister: Look at that, a whole group of people come to see a man on a sofa.
    Cat: Do you think they've come to see him or the sofa?

DVD releasesEdit

The special is included on the DVD of Series VIII.

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