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Kryten attempting to use the Psi-Scan in "Quarantine".
"Damn Martian power packs..."

Bit crap

Kryten using a much smaller Psi-Scan to analyse Rimmer in Back to Earth. Unusually accurate, it tells Kryten that Rimmer is "a bit crap".


Rimmer holding a Psi-Scan as he argues with Shaft 14 ("Give & Take", Series XI)

The old 345 takes a little time to warm up. Still, it out-performs the 346 in 8 out of 9 bench tests. - Kryten ("Quarantine")

The Psi-Scan was a device used by the boys from the Dwarf, mainly by Kryten, for a multitude of purposes.


Psi-Scan is short for "Psi" and "Scanner", and was useful for scanning and interpreting scientific data from the environment. Several different versions were found aboard Red Dwarf and Starbug, ranging in size and capability.

The version Kryten used more than any other was the 345 model. It had been voted Psi-Scan of the Year Best Budget Model three years running. The 345 out-performed the 346 in eight out of nine bench tests - including atmospheric analysis and life-form detection - and was available at all good retailers. It could occasionally be unreliable due to the use of Martian power packs. ("Quarantine")

Kryten could use the Psi-Scan to detect life forms, analyse dead bodies and check the air for viral contamination. It could also access the 21st century internet. 

The 21st century television salesman Mike Mellington thought the Psi-Scan was a ridiculous piece of TV rubbish, something that gave the show Red Dwarf the excuse to give out important plot points without any effort. Kryten used it to hack Mike's e-mail account and discover his secrets. (Back to Earth, Part Two)


Behind the Scenes

  • The Psi-Scan props were embossed with with their manufacturer's logo - "Tucker Instruments". This was a reference to the FX designer Mike Tucker. (Series VI Collector's Booklet)