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This page lists various projects you can engage in to help improve Tongue Tied! These projects divide the various aspects of the Red Dwarf universe into smaller and manageable projects for editors. This is a list of projects and has links to main pages and categories for these subjects, and includes examples of what articles are in the scope of these projects.

Project Series Edit

Improve articles on particular series of Red Dwarf.

Categories: Series I, Series II, Series III, Series IV, Series V, Series VI, Series VIII, Series VIII, Back to Earth (Series IX), Series X

Articles: Series I, Series II, Series III, Series IV, Series V, Series VI, Series VII, Series VIII, Back to Earth (Series IX), Series X

Related: Dave Hollins: Space Cadet, Prelude to Nanarchy, Red Dwarf Night, Red Dwarf Smegazine, Red Dwarf Remastered, Red Dwarf USA, Red Dwarf: The Movie

Series XEdit

Series X has now ended and the episode and Series articles are in pretty good shape, but there are still auxiliary articles needed:

Let's get this done before a Series XI comes along! Here's hoping!

And of course, anything else you think is article-worthy! Be bold!

Also, remember that old articles need to be updated with new notes as well!

Project Episodes Edit

Improve articles about particular episodes of Red Dwarf

By Series: Series I, Series II, Series III Series IV, Series V, Series VI, Series VII, Series VIII, Back to Earth (Series IX), Series X, Lost Episodes

Related: Dave Hollins: Space Cadet, Prelude to Nanarchy, Red Dwarf Night, Red Dwarf USA, Red Dwarf: The Movie, Red Christmas

By Position:

1. "Then End", "Kryten", "Backwards", "Camille", "Holoship", "Psirens", "Tikka to Ride", "Back in the Red, Part One", "Back to Earth, Part One", "Trojan"

2. "Future Echoes", "Better Than Life", "Marooned", "D.N.A.", "The Inquisitor", "Legion", "Stoke Me a Clipper", "Back in the Red, Part Two", "Back to Earth, Part Two", "Fathers & Suns"

3. "Balance of Power", "Thanks for the Memory", "Polymorph", "Justice", "Terrorform", "Gunmen of the Apocalypse", "Ouroboros", "Back in the Red, Part Three", "Back to Earth, Part Three", "Lemons"

4. "Waiting for God", "Stasis Leak", "Bodyswap", "White Hole", "Quarantine", "Emohawk: Polymorph II", "Duct Soup", "Cassandra", "Entangled"

5. "Confidence and Paranoia", "Queeg", "Timeslides", "Dimension Jump", "Demons & Angels", "Rimmerworld", "Blue", "Krytie TV", "Dave Dave"

6. "Me²", "Parallel Universe", "The Last Day", "Meltdown", "Back to Reality", "Out of Time", "Beyond a Joke", "Pete, Part One", "The Beginning"

7. "Epideme", "Pete, Part Two"

8. "Nanarchy", "Only the Good..."

Project Novels Edit

Improve articles about the Red Dwarf novels.

Category: Novels

Novel Articles: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, Better Than Life, Last Human, Backwards

Novel Characters: (also part of Project Characters): Petrovich, Djuhn'Keep, Trixie LaBouche

Novel Concepts: Bliss, Garbage World, Hoppers, Duality Jump, G.O.D.

Project Characters Edit

Improve articles on all the characters from Red Dwarf.

Category: Characters

Main Characters: Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer, The Cat, Holly, Kryten, Kristine Kochanski

Recurring Characters: Frank Hollister, Olaf Petersen, Talkie Toaster, Bob

Minor Characters: Hildegard Lanstrom, Legion, Camille, Able, Katerina Bartokovsky, Irene Edgington

Project Spaceships Edit

Improve articles about the various space craft seen in Red Dwarf,

Category: Spaceships

Main Spaceships: Red Dwarf, Blue Midget, Starbug, White Giant

Minor Spaceships: SSS Esperanto, SS Augustus, SS Centauri, SS Silverberg, SS Trojan

Project GELFs Edit

Improve articles about the various genetically engineered life forms from Red Dwarf.

Main Page: GELF

Category: GELFs

GELF Races: Kinitawowi, Pleasure GELF, Psiren, Polymorph, Biologically Engineered Garbage Gobbler

GELF Individuals (also part of Project Characters): Camille, Hector, Ech-ech-ech-ech-ech-ech-ech-ech, GELF Chief, Epideme, BEGG Chief

GELF Topics: GELF Revolt, Great GELF State, Cyberia, GELF Icon, GELF Languages

Project AIs Edit

Improve articles about the various artificial intelligences from Red Dwarf.

Category: Artificial Intelligence

AI Types: Computer, Mechanoid, Simulant, Skutter.

AI Individuals (also part of Project Characters): Holly, Kryten, Talkie Toaster, Bob, Madge, The Inquisitor

AI Concepts: Silicon Heaven, Computer Senility, Droid Rot

Project Simulant Edit

This project documents the Simulants encountered throughout Red Dwarf.

Category: Simulants

Simulant Individuals: Simulant Convict, The Inquisitor, Simulant Captain, Simulant Lieutenant, Sim Crawford

Simulant Ships: Simulant Battle Cruiser, Simulant Death Ship, Annihilator

Simulant Topics: Time Gauntlet, Simulant Uprising, Simulant Generals, Homo sapienoids

Project Gestalts Edit

This project documents gestalt entities in Red Dwarf, eg: beings made up of multiple beings.

Main Page: Gestalt entity

Examples: Legion, GELF Criminal Gestalt, Grant Naylor

Project Alter-Egos Edit

This project documents all the alter-egos seen throughout Red Dwarf.

Category: Alter-egos

Lister: Brett Riverboat, Sebastian Doyle, Deb Lister, Spanners, Cloister the Stupid, Lister of Smeg

Rimmer: Ace Rimmer, Arlene Rimmer, Dangerous Dan McGrew, William Doyle, High Rimmer, Low Rimmer

Cat: Duane Dibbley, The Riviera Kid, The Dog, The Padre, High Cat, Low Cat, Bhindi Bhaji, Gerald Hampton

Kryten: Jake Bullet, Sheriff Kryten, Bongo, High Kryten, Low Kryten, Kryten Krytenski

Holly: Hab, Queeg 500, Hilly, Mellie, Rebuilt Holly

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