Princess Beryl Bonjella was an attractive, young female aristocrat who lived on Earth in a dimension where the German Nazi army still existed.


The Princess was captured by the Nazis, but rescued by Ace Rimmer before she could be shot by a firing squad as she was tied to a post at a military base. As Ace parachuted down from killing Captain Voorhese in mid-air and feeding him to his pet crocodile Snappy, Ace gunned down the officer in charge of the firing squad. Ace then shot some more Nazis, although he took a bullet to the chest, before falling through a roof of a munitions building. Another officer ordered some more Nazis to fill the building with bullets, but Ace smashed out of the the building on a space bike. Ace shot the chains off the Princess and pulled up alongside her, telling her that there would time for explanations later, and hopefully, some sex. Like everybody who met Ace, she said "what a guy" and hopped on the back.

As they dodged gunfire from another Nazi on a more traditional motorbike, Ace hit the controls on the space bike, which ignited the jets and it flew into the air. The pursuing Nazi rode through a brick wall and exploded, to which Ace quipped "bet he's a sour kraut". Ace rode off through the sky, writing his catchphrase "smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast" in the sky with the exhaust of the bike. It is reasonable to assume that they then had sex.

Ace's incarnation at the time, a hard light hologram, was injured while rescuing her. Realising that his light bee had taken a hit from a bullet and was leaking power, Ace left the dimension with Wildfire to find his cowardly and useless counterpart Arnold Rimmer on Starbug, and offer Arnold the job of the next Ace. ("Stoke Me a Clipper")


  • It is never stated of what country she was Princess.
  • The Princess plays up to the archetype of the "damsel in distress".
  • Ace referred to her as Princess Bonjella, until she asked him to call her by her first name, "Beryl", much to Ace's disgust.

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