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The Least Worst Scripts

Primordial Soup was a book of Red Dwarf scripts from series 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Contents Edit

Rob Grant and Doug Naylor decided to publish some of their unedited scripts (or battle plans as they were referred to) as a book. They included 6 scripts for shows that were their favourites at the time of writing them.

Those 6 scripts were:

There was also a key to all the technical jargon at the front and several black-and-white pictures from the set of Red Dwarf.

Due to poor communication and a delay to the television production, the book contained the script for Psirens - published 6 months before it was first broadcast.

Primordial Soup was followed 3 years later by a sequel, Son of Soup.


  • Paperback

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