Poker is a card game played on Earth. The boys from the Dwarf often played it aboard Red Dwarf.


The Boys from the Dwarf had a regular poker game. Whether or not this was a game of strip poker depended on how drunk they were, or on how much curry Dave Lister had eaten. ("Holoship")

Arnold Rimmer appeared to play video poker against Lister's Paranoia, but this was just a ruse to distract him. ("Confidence and Paranoia")

A game of poker had to be postponed when a skutter went berserk, rewiring the maintenance decks at random. Lister was very disappointed, as he had spent a long time marking the cards. ("Bodyswap")

During one such game, Rimmer began telling the others a story about a game of Risk he had played aged 17. This was so dull that The Cat stuffed cotton wool in his ears. ("Meltdown")

Poker was a game played in the Last Chance Saloon by Jimmy and his cronies. ("Gunmen of the Apocalypse")

Before the accident that killed the crew, Lister belonged to a poker school aboard Red Dwarf. One of the other players was "Bent Bob", a small man with a bad toupee who worked in the catering department. ("Duct Soup")

Baxter once ran out of money during a poker game in The Tank and bet his right testicle on a pair of Jacks. Rimmer used this event as evidence of how tough Baxter was. ("Only the Good")

Lister spent an evening playing poker against a group of BEGGs on the BEGG moon. He did so badly that he lost both Starbug and Rimmer to his opponents. They put Lister in a Groinal Exploder so that he would be forced to make good on his debt. ("Entangled")

Whilst playing poker, Lister struggled to explain the concept of a "poker face" to the Cat. Cat later proved he knew what it meant when he met Shaul Telford. ("Cured")

When Rimmer was forced to reboot his hologram to remove the effect of M-Corp, he lost a portion of his memory. Cat took advantage of this by saying that Rimmer had lost a poker game with him that morning, and as such Rimmer had promised to be the Cat's slave. ("M-Corp")


  • In a scene deleted from the episode "Marooned", Lister played strip poker against Kryten and The Cat. Kryten fared very badly because he had a lot less clothes than everyone else. He had to use parts of his own body instead.