Poker was a card game played on Earth. The Dwarfers often played it aboard ship.


The Boys from the Dwarf had a regular poker game. Whether or not this was a game of strip poker depended on how drunk they were (or on how much curry Lister had eaten). (RD: Holoship)

Rimmer appeared to play video poker against Lister's Paranoia, but this was just a ruse to distract him. (RD: Confidence and Paranoia)

A game of poker had to be postponed when a skutter went berserk, rewiring the maintenance decks at random. Lister was very disappointed, as he had spent a long time marking the cards. (RD: Bodyswap)

During one such game, Rimmer began telling the others a story about a game of Risk he had played aged 17. This was so dull that The Cat stuffed cotton wool in his ears. (RD: Meltdown)

Poker was a game played in the Last Chance Saloon by Jimmy and his cronies. (RD: Gunmen of the Apocalypse)

Before the accident that killed the crew, Lister belonged to a poker school aboard Red Dwarf. One of the other players was "Bent Bob", a small man with a bad toupee who worked in the catering department. (RD: Duct Soup)

Baxter once ran out of money during a poker game in The Tank and bet his right testicle on a pair of Jacks. Rimmer used this event as evidence of how tough Baxter was. (RD: Only The Good...)

Lister spent an evening playing poker against a group of BEGGs. He did so badly that he lost both Starbug and Rimmer to his opponents. (RD: Entangled)

In a scene deleted from the episode "Marooned", Lister played strip poker against Kryten and The Cat. Kryten fared very badly because he had a lot less clothes than everyone else. He had to use parts of his own body instead.

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