Phobos, the primary moon of Mars

Phobos was a moon of Mars in Earth's Solar System, and was colonised by the Space Corps. Mars' other moon was Deimos.

In an interview with Talkie Toaster on the official Red Dwarf website, Frank Hollister revealed some details on his earlier years, although he made up some tall tales before admitting the truth. After he was fired from working in a diner in Kentucky, USA, Hollister sold doughnuts on Callisto as "Dennis the Doughnut Boy". From there, Hollister moved onto Phobos, where he got his first posting as a Third Technician aboard a JMC spaceship, the McGovern.

Hollister would eventually work his way up to become captain of the ill-fated Red Dwarf, using confidential information on his crewmates to get promotions in the field. (Back in the Red, Series VIII)

Since Phobos was the last residence of Hollister before joining the JMC, it is possible that his wife Martha lived there too.

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