Petrovich was a senior officer amongst the First Technicians aboard Red Dwarf.


Petrovich appears in the novel Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, where he is described as Arnold Rimmer's rival for promotion. Petrovich was responsible for bringing aboard Red Dwarf the Total Immersion Video Game Better Than Life and Rimmer spread the rumour that Petrovich was an illegal smuggler of such games.

It was Petrovich who called Dave Lister into the captain's office to answer for an unquarantined animal, and reminded Rimmer that he was late for his 12th attempt at the astro-navigation exams. Petrovich was also present at the Officer's Club when Rimmer made a fool of himself with the Gazpacho Soup incident, which he found very funny, like everybody else.

Petrovich died along with the rest of the crew in the Rimmer-caused radiation leak.

TV SeriesEdit

Petrovich did not appear in the television series. For the pilot episode much of Petrovich's role and dialogue was given over to Second Officer Frank Todhunter.

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