Pete Tranter's Sister was the sibling of one of Dave Lister's boyhood friends. She was Lister's pubescent fantasy woman.

Three million years later, a Psiren would take her form in order to seduce Lister and suck out his brains.


Dave Lister lusted after Pete's sister all throughout his adolescent years, without any success. He didn't even know her well enough to remember her name, referring to her simply as "Pete Tranter's Sister".


Pete Tranter's sister seduces Lister...

When Lister had to venture onto the surface of a Psiren-infested asteroid to blast the landing gear of the crashed Starbug free from the rock with a bazookoid, one of the Psirens read Lister's mind and appeared to him as Pete Tranter's Sister. In this fantasy form, she had long blonde hair and wore a tight PVC leotard with matching gloves and thigh length boots.

Red Dwarf - Psirens

...what Lister was really snogging

The Psiren used Lister's fantasy against him, saying that she knew what he wanted to do to her - squeeze her buttocks together to make one juicy giant peach. Lister realised that this was just a ploy to get his brains, but he couldn't resist her. dropping his bazookoid. She promised to make his death exquisite and started to kiss him. Before she got to stick him with her metal straw, she was killed by another Psiren masquerading as Kryten. (RD: Psirens)

Behind the scenes

  • It is unclear whether Pete Tranter's Sister really appeared as Samantha Robson did in "Psirens" or if that was how Lister wanted her to be. Samantha Robson was certainly very cold in her revealing outfit, since the quarry where the scene was filmed was freezing.
  • In a deleted scene, Pete Tranter's Sister revealed that Lister had made a special hole in his pocket just for her !