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The Red Dwarf Officer's Club was an upmarket establishment in which the mining ship's officers could socialise.

The Officer's Club


When Kryten's in-built shutdown disc activated, he had only 24 hours to tie up his affairs before he was terminated. In order to give him a big send-off, Lister suggested a dinner party in the Officer's Club.

The club was a large set of rooms that were decorated with red walls, uplighters, multiple tables and statues. There was plenty of food and drink available. Kryten was concerned that mechanoids were not allowed on the premises, but his shipmates did not care (possibly because none of them were officers either).

The four humanoids wore dinner jackets made by The Cat, while Holly gave herself a tiara and earrings to wear.They presented Kryten with personal gifts and a special menu of food and drink suitable for mechanoids. This included Vimto mixed with liquid nitrogen, while Rimmer suggested Kryten try the Barium Hydrochlorate Salad Nicoise, Helium III Isotopes de la Maison and Radioactive Fruit Salad. (RD: The Last Day)

The Officer's club was the scene of Rimmer's embarrasing and career-hindering gazpatcho soup incident. (Me²) (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers)

Kochanski's ex-boyfriend Tim was a catering officer who liked to frequent the Officer's Club. Lister claimed he was always "poncing about", wearing his chef's uniform and smoking black cigarettes. (RD: Ouroboros)

Kryten once told Lister that Tim was taking Kochanski to the Officer's Club for dinner. This was a ruse to get Lister to trash Ackerman's quarters for his television channel Krytie TV. (RD: Krytie TV)

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