This article is about the spaceship Butler left Earth's Solar System in, and spent the next three million years on. For the later ship in the same fleet, see the Nova 5.

Nova 3

The wreck of the Nova 3 is approached by Starbug
(Krysis, Series XI)

The Nova 3 was a Space Corps starship launched a century before it's successor the Nova 5, the ship in which Dwarfer Kryten left Earth's Solar System on.


The Nova 3 crashed in Deep Space whilst looking for the S.I.U. station, which was in itself an attempt to contact "The Universe".

The only survivor of the Nova 3 crash was a DivaDroid International Series 3000 Mechanoid named Butler. Over the next three million years, Butler broke his programming and became a self-taught polymath, saving a GELF species known as the Sakenyako, and completing his original crew's mission of finding the S.I.U. station.

In the Series XI episode "Krysis", Kryten makes reference to "...the 3's," implying that Butler's ship gave its name to a class consisting of several vessels.

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