Non-Human Promenade Workers and Places

The woodland creatures that occupy the promenade are called "the vermin". Many of them don't speak English because they wouldn't have had anyone to learn it from when they evolved.

Bars,  Bartenders & PatronsEdit

Louie's Bar - Run by a mouse named Screwy Louie. Screwy Louie tends bar and runs a gambling arcade

Drunk Mice

after hours.He also likes messing with peoples heads.

Officer's Club - A popular hang out for officers

Whiskers’s bar - Run by a mouse named Whiskers Wenton & his wife Nibole

Restuarants & StaffEdit

Hot Bolts & Oil' Bistro - A favorite diner of AI's

Le Posh hair of Ze Dog -A  snobby restuarant owned by Chez Seymour
Taxidermy 13

Chef R'De

White Castle - Burger Joint

Gracies Grass Emporium - Caters to rodents, serving the finest gourmet grasses specially grown in the sun dabbled field of the arboretum.

Snellings Irish-French fusion Pub - A nice pub with a restaurant for all.

JackRabbit Slims - A restaurant that has a dance contest during certian hours with rock, R&B and dance bands. 

Retal Stores & StaffEdit

Ginger's Lingerie Boutique - A store for that special lady reguardless of species.

IMG 1807ginger

Ginger's Lingerie Boutique

Cindi's Confectionery - A sweet store for all races.

Entertainment & StaffEdit

The Rat Hole - A video-screening establishment of a rather seedy looking rat by the name of George Plums.

NaughtyMice1447-jpg l

Rodent Porn

MEC - A Mice Entertainment Cinema features a variety orf shows for all races.


Bernard the Badger is an English-speaking, badger with an attitude and a love of liquior.

Ottiver the Otter and family:Wife Lena, Kids Mena, Pena and Gina.

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