Nogard dna Egroeg eht was a pub in the city of retsehcnaM on Backwards Earth.

Pub name and address - bottom right


The pub was located in the basement of another building, accessed by a flight of steps. The interior was a less than perfect collection of wobbly tables and mediocre decor, run by a manager and a barmaid. There was a small stage set up against one wall for cabaret performances, which were hosted by a brightly dressed compere. Nogard dna Egroeg eht was located on Teerts Gnilpik.


When Rimmer and Kryten became stranded on an Earth where time ran backwards, they realised that they would need to find suitable employment. They decided to start a novelty act, The Sensational Reverse Brothers, which began to tour the retshcnaM pub circuit. After three weeks they were a big hit and were appearing at Nogard dna Egroeg eht, a pub on Teerts Gnilpik.


Pub exterior

When Lister and The Cat landed on backwards Earth, they found posters that advertised the cabaret night at Nogard dna Egroeg eht. Lister and the Cat initially believed themselves to be in Bulgaria. They managed to arrive at the pub, where they watched the Reverse Brothers act. They were far from impressed, as the act consisted of just drinking water and eating boiled eggs. They were further bemused on why the locals loved it so much, Lister believing that Bulgarians had simple tastes. Eventually they realised they were in a backwards reality after seeing the pub manager reverse drinking a pint of bitter. Lister and the Cat went backstage to chat to Rimmer and Kryten, who had a dressing room to themselves at the back of the pub. After a brief discussion of whether to stay in the backwards reality, the manager burst in and told them they were fired for starting a fight and would never work on the pub circuit again. As Kryten tried to argue that they had not been in a fight, Lister and the Cat un-ate a pie from a

Pub interior

nearby table. The man who unbought the pie got very upset and caused the very fight of which they had been accused. The man sucked Lister's black eye off his face and uncracked his ribs. After Lister shouted "unrumble", the "fight" began. All the smashed furniture and broken glass were put back into place, people were uninjured, and Lister flew through a window backwards, making the pub neat and orderly before they left. (RD: Backwards)

Behind the scenesEdit

The pub's name was the reverse of "The George and Dragon", a common English pub name. The street name was the reverse of "Kipling Street". Both names were shown on the posters put up to advertise the Reverse Brothers.

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