"Thank god for that, he's insane."
-Rimmer (Back to Earth, Part Two)

Noddy is a character that only appears in the "Back to Earth" mini-series. During the crews group hallucination, they encounter Noddy working as a shop assistant in a science fiction store called "They Walk Among Us". He could very much be called a "science fiction geek", as shown by him quickly believing the crew's story of being stuck in an alternate dimension and his belief in various forms of science fictional transportation technology such as Timeslides, matter paddles, and the Holly Hop Drive. He is practically normal in comparison to his friend and the then president of the Red Dwarf fan club (the real life organizers of the Dimension Jump conventions) Reg Warf, who is described by Noddy as "a bit weird". Various props up for sale in his shop eventually allow Lister, Rimmer, Cat, and Kryten to find the address of Swallow, who allows them to find their creator.

Quotes Edit

Noddy: Dimension skid was it? Happens a lot this time of year, one minute your fine, the next WHIIZZZ you're in a new dimension, you have to be so careful!

Noddy: If you've got no teleportation systems or anti-matter reassemblers, no option. You'll have to catch the bus.

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