"Morris Dancer Monthly" was a magazine collected and read by Arnold Rimmer.

Guaranteed to defeat any seduction attempt


The periodical was aimed at afficionados of traditional English folk dancing. Rimmer was a big fan, often trying to encourage his shipmates to engage in morris dancing. They would usually pretend to be ill (or worse). (RD: Dimension Jump)

When Kryten gave Dave Lister a series of items with which to sabotage his love rival's quarters, they included several items belonging to Rimmer. One such item was a few copies of "Morris Dancer Monthly", designed to make Tim look like a "total nerdo dweebmeister". Lister left the magazines in what he thought were Tim's quarters, but they turned out to be the quarters of Warden Ackerman. Lister and Rimmer managed to retrieve the magazines and other items before Ackerman returned. (RD: Krytie TV)

The Cat read a copy of "Morris Dancer Monthly" while he was waiting to see the Denti-bot. It is possible that the magazines served as a form of anaesthetic. (RD: Fathers and Suns)

Behind the scenesEdit

The prop copies of MDM were purpose-built covers fitted over real magazines. Several of them were cut up for use as trading cards. Some survived and were sold as collector's items.

Articles featured on the cover of "Morris Dancer Monthly" have included "Clog manufacturers" and "How to avoid heat exhaustion".

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