"Moose" Kochanski is the brother of Kristine Kochanski.

Moose is mentioned only once, in the script for the the episode Duct Soup of Series VII. Moose was not talked about in the televised episode, since the dialogue had to trimmed for broadcast time. However the full dialogue was restored in the "Xtended" edition of the episode which is exclusively available for viewing on the Series VII DVD.

The Series VII DVD collector's booklet also reveals that the character was named after Peter Morgan, the director of photography on Series VII, whose nickname was Moose.


Kochanski's brother is not mentioned anywhere else in the franchise, and since his only mention is in a deleted scene, the canon of this character's existence in the Red Dwarf franchise is unclear. If Moose Kochanski existed, he would be a significant character since due to time travel Moose could perhaps be the biological uncle or potentially the brother-in-law of Dave Lister.

Despite Doug Naylor revealing virtually nothing about Moose Kochanski, the character has proved a popular point of Red Dwarf fan fiction, as noted in the Series VII collector's booklet.

  • "Moose" is likely a nickname, and no other (or real) name is otherwise given for Kris' brother.
  • Moose was either not in Cyber School after Kris came out, or had never attended himself.
  • Kris says that Moose would steal her lipstick and hold it to ransom, because without it he knew she wouldn't go outside. This would suggest that Moose was a prankster who engaged in mischief and tormented his sister, furthermore made interesting since he shouldn't have picked up these mischievous traits if he had spent a childhood in a "perfect computer-generated setting, with perfect CG friends and perfect CG teachers" like his sister had. It is therefore reasonable to assume that Moose had a different childhood to Kris, since he wouldn't have gotten away with mischief at Cyber School. This behavior clearly took place at the Kochanski family home in The Gorbels, Glasgow, Scotland, Earth, and not in cyberspace.
  • In the deleted scenes, Kris talks about her parents being polymaths and affluent (her father a Space Corps archeologist and her mother a world-class advertising exec), but they were always off-world, which is perhaps why Moose was able to get away with theft and bribery of his sister, since they were unattended.
  • Since Kris spent over a decade in virtual-reality "Cyber School", it is likely this happened after when she came out into the real world at age 18. Given that Moose couldn't have been "holding things to ransom" as an infant, and wasn't himself in Cyber School, it is likely Moose was Kris' older brother, although he could still be a younger brother.

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