Mirror Image was a comic story published in Red Dwarf Smegazine. It was written by Nigel Kitching and Steve Noble, with art by Nigel Kitching. It featured the Inquisitor.


The Inquisitor comes to erase Jan Ludwig Hoch from history, and asks him what he has done with his 68 years of life. Hoch explains that he has helped rebuild his adopted country after the worst war in history, and has fathered two civil leaders. The Inquisitor explains that fifty years previous Hoch had the chance to become an important figure in the world, but went down a different path and failed to fulfil his potential. The Inquisitor erases Hoch from history, to be replaced with an alternate version of himself.

The Inquisitor comes to inspect Hoch's replacement, and finds that this Hoch is guilty of fraud and sexual intimidation, Jan Hoch being the birth name of corrupt, unscrupulous Media baron Robert Maxwell. Regretting that he erased the last version of Hoch, the Inquisitor pushes Maxwell off his yacht, killing him.

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