The Mega Core was an organisation that operated spaceships, and undertook advanced space research. The Mega Core owned and staffed the SS Samsara, a state-of-the-art research vessel.

All Mega Core crew were expected to adhere to strict codes of behaviour, which crew had to agree to when they signed on. This code was enforced robustly by Karma Drives aboard their vessels, which "rewarded" good behaviour and "punished" bad behaviour in a rather drastic fashion. (Samsara, Series XI)


  • The Mega Core has only been mentioned once in Red Dwarf, and only relation to the SS Samsara. It is unclear exactly what relation the Mega Core had to - or within - other established organisations, such as the Space Corps, the Jupiter Mining Corporation, or the Infinity Fleet.
    • The relationship between the similarly-named Mega Core and M-Corp is also unclear.