The Medical Orderly was a crewmember aboard Red Dwarf.


After Arnold Rimmer had assaulted Captain Hollister, whom he had seen dressed as a chicken for an officer's fancy dress party, it was reasonable for him to assume that he was under the psychedelic effects of Titan Mushrooms he had ingested earlier. Rimmer went to the medibay to receive treatment.

After he was discharged, he was escorted back to his quarters by a medical orderly. He was a tall crewman who seemed to be less than enthusiastic about dealing with the hallucinating Rimmer. He told Rimmer that they had pumped his stomach and changed his blood to eliminate the last traces of the fungus.

The orderly went on to take Rimmer's pulse and temperature and advised him to stay cool and get some rest. He then left Rimmer on his bunk and went back to his duties. (RD: Stasis Leak)

He presumably worked under Karen Newton, the chief medical officer seen in Series VIII.