The McGovern was an unseen JMC mining spaceship operating around Earth's Solar System at some point in the mid to late 22nd century.

The McGovern is notable for having being the first posting of a younger Frank Hollister, who would later go on to be the captain of the Red Dwarf.


Frank Hollister signed up with the JMC, and got his first posting on the McGovern when it stopped off at Phobos[1], where Hollister had been living and had been known as "Dennis the Doughnut Boy".

Hollister was initially only a vending machine repairman as part of the McGovern Z Shift. However, Hollister gained access to the crews confidential files, and used them to impress beyond his means and/or bribe his way up the chain of command. (As mentioned in Back in the Red Part III, Series VIII.)

Hollister made captain, before transferring to the ill-fated Red Dwarf at the same rank of captain at some point before the pilot episode.


  • Events which transpired aboard the McGovern, such as "Dennis the Doughnut Boy" using confidential files to get promoted, are mentioned on the Series VIII episode Back in the Red Part III. However, the McGovern itself was not named in the broadcast episode. The McGovern was named as the ship of Hollister's first posting in the Series VIII scripts[2], and also in an interview between Captain Hollister and Talkie Toaster on the official Red Dwarf website.[3]


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